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Certificates and Records

How much do birth certificates cost?
Birth certificates cost $17. You can order certificates on-line for a slightly higher fee. Find out more

Can birth and death certificates be ordered on-line?
Yes, through MSDH and one of several vital records services. Express shipping options are available. Find out more

What if I have an error on my birth certificate?
Contact our Vital Records office by phone or e-mail for corrections or changes. Location and information

What if I never receive the certificate I ordered?
Notify the Vital Records office. Complaints of failure to receive certified records will be honored within 6 months of the original request. If the copy was to be returned to you by U. S. Postal Service, please allow 3 weeks after mailing the request before inquiring. Inquiry about copies ordered with payment for special courier delivery should be made within 7 days of the request. Mail returned because of insufficient address or address changes will be re-mailed if this office is notified of the correct address within 6 months of request.

Where can I get marriage and divorce records?
Marriage records are available from MSDH's Vital Records office. Find out more

Divorce records are kept by the Chancery Clerk's office in the county of marriage. For a small fee, we can search for the chancery clerk's office with your records. Find out more

Does MSDH keep a record of my immunizations?
In many cases, yes. You can review your records (and print Form 121 for school entry) by creating an account with the MyIR service. More about MyIR

Our Immunization Registry can also provide records of your childhood disease immunizations. Find out more


Does MSDH license Nurse Aides?
Yes, through our Health Facilities Licensure office (1-800-227-7308). We also have practice exams and reciprocal licensing information. Find out more

Does MSDH license doctors and nurses?
No. Physicians are licensed through the state Board of Medical Licensure, and nurses are licensed through the state Board of Nursing.

How can I verify licensure of a health professional?
You can verify currently licensed professionals by checking our online database: Verify a license

For a written verification, contact our Professional Licensure division at 601-364-7360.

How do I apply for a license in a health-related profession?
We have applications and guidelines on-line for those professions that we license. See a list of these professions


How do I get a food service permit?
Permitting begins with a plan review. Step-by-step instructions.
For more information about retail food permits, read our list of questions and answers.

Do I need a permit if I am not charging for food I serve?
No. A permit is required only if you accept money for food you prepare or serve.

Do I need a permit to cater food privately?
Caterers are subject to the same requirements as restaurants. If you accept payment for the food you prepare, you need a permit.

Does MSDH provide ServSafe training?
No. ServSafe is required for those in food service and handling, and is administered by the Mississippi Hospitality & Restaurant Association.

STDs and Birth Control

How can I be tested for sexually-transmitted diseases?
Get in touch with your local health clinic. Testing is free and private. Find a health department clinic near you

Can I get a pregnancy test from MSDH?
Yes. You can be tested for pregnancy at your local health department. Testing is private and does not require parental consent. Find a health department clinic

Is pregnancy testing free?
If you are under 21, testing is free. If you are 21 or over, there is a small fee based on income.

Can I get birth control from my county health department?
Yes. Birth control for men and women is available. There is no charge if you are under 21, and birth control is free or at low cost if you are 21 or over.

Proper Medication Disposal

Hotlines and Useful Phone Numbers

  • AIDS Hot Line: 1-800-826-2961
  • Child Abuse: 1-800-222-8000
  • Child Care Complaints: 1-866-489-8734
  • Elder Abuse: 844-437-6282
  • General Information: 1-866-458-4948 (1-866-HLTHY4U)
  • More hotlines and phone numbers
Last reviewed on Oct 23, 2018
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