Stroke System of Care

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The goal of the Stroke System of Care is to reduce morbidity and mortality through early recognition of stroke symptoms, the initiation of treatment soon after the onset of symptoms, and transition to an official Stroke Center.

Stroke is the fifth leading cause of death in Mississippi. Timely intervention in acute ischemic stroke offers significant reductions in neurological deficits and disability that can result from stroke.

Unlike Trauma and STEMI systems of care, where it is essential to get the patient to a specialty facility in the shortest amount of time, stroke care can be initiated locally through consultation with providers at higher level facilities (and patients may be transferred to a higher level of care as appropriate).

The Mississippi Stroke System of Care is a collaborative effort between the Mississippi State Department of Health, the Mississippi Healthcare Alliance, the American Heart Association, and the Mississippi Hospital Association.

Clinical Capabilities

Level 1 Stroke Center

  • Capable of diagnosing and treating stroke patients who require intensive medical, surgical, and interventional vascular care

Level 2 Stroke Center

  • Capable of diagnosing and treating stroke patients who require intensive medical and surgical care

Level 3 Stroke Center

  • Capable of diagnosing and stabilizing stroke patients for transfer to Level 1 or 2 Stroke Centers

Level 4 Stroke Center

  • Capable of assessing and evaluating for possible stroke but lacks essential components to treat patient with IV thrombolytics

Note: See the current System of Care Plan details in the State Health Plan for complete clinical requirements for each level.

Protocols and Destination Guidelines

  • Field triage is important with strokes, and is conducted by EMS personnel, who determine whether the patient meets the system entry criteria based on assessment using an approved stroke scale.
  • Transport to closest hospital with CT and capable of administering tPA

System of Care Plan

Full details and protocols of the Stroke System of Care can be found in the agency's State Health Plan.

Advisory Committee and Performance Improvement

The Mississippi Stroke System Advisory Committee (SSAC) meets quarterly for system guidance and governance.

All stroke participating hospitals will have data reviewed by MSDH, the Mississippi Healthcare Alliance, and the Stroke Performance Improvement Committee for the purpose of performance improvement.

Stroke hospitals must participate with the American Heart Association's Get With The Guidelines database, which provides an overall look at stroke emergencies, care and outcomes, provides information for use in determining and developing stroke teaching programs, and provides information for potential research studies.

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