Who Can Qualify: Breast and Cervical Cancer Program

Guidelines for financial assistance to help with Mammograms and Pap Smears.
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General Information

Target Population

  • Uninsured, underinsured, medically underserved and minority women, and
  • Women who have never been screened for breast or cervical cancer who are:
    50 years of age and older for mammography screenings.
    40 years of age and older for cervical cancer screenings.

Eligibility Criteria

To qualify for MS-BCCP, a woman must meet all of the following guidelines:

Income: Household income at or below 250% of Federal Poverty Level. View income table

Insurance status: Uninsured, underinsured, or without third-party payers such as Medicaid or Medicare Part B

Resident: State of Mississippi for at least 12 consecutive months

Enrollment Age: 21-64 years old, as follows:

  • For cervical cancer screening: Age 21 to 64
  • For breast cancer screening: Age 40 to 64
    For women aged 40-49 years old, breast screening is offered. Providers must call BCCP for prior approval.
  • For breast or cervical diagnostic services: Age 21 to 64

Enrolled by: A contracted BCCP Provider


  • Screening and/or diagnostic mammograms annually for women 40-64 years of age
  • Those women who are over the age of 64 without a social security number may qualify for screening and diagnostic services
  • Those women ages 21-39 may qualify for screening and diagnostic services
  • Diagnostic mammogram, ultrasound, and breast biopsies, if indicated
  • Cervical biopsies, if indicated


Medicare Recipients

BCCP will not provide additional screening services (Pap exam, pelvic exam, or clinical breast exam) to Medicare Part B recipients.

Medicare Coverage

  • Mammography
    Annual coverage for a screening mammogram for women 65 years of age and older.
  • Pap Exam/Pelvic Exam
    Covered every 3 years, unless a women is at high risk for cervical cancer. If at high risk, coverage is provided annually.
  • Clinical Breast Exam
    Specifically included as part of the office visit for a Pap exam/pelvic exam. Therefore, coverage would be provided every 3 years, unless a women is at high risk.

Women can be referred to Medicaid who:

  • Have been screened, enrolled & diagnosed with breast and/or cervical cancer by a contracted provider.
  • Need treatment for breast or cervical cancer
  • Are not yet 65
  • Must be a resident of the state of Mississippi with a valid social security number
  • Are not otherwise covered by creditable coverage as defined in the Public Health Services Act PL 106-354

For more information about the program, please call 1-800-721-7222.

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