Dial, Don't Drive

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It's natural to seek help quickly in case of injury or a possible heart attack. But hospitals differ in their ability to handle types and numbers of patients. The state Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and Trauma Care System constantly monitor hospital capabilities to match you with the right care in the shortest time.

Why 911 Is Important

Essential care often begins in the ambulance where professionals can evaluate the needs of a patient and begin specialized treatment. When you drive someone to the emergency room — or drive yourself — you can miss this early care. For some, it can arrive too late. Dialing 911 is the quickest way to get the right treatment to save a life or assure a recovery.

Why It Matters for Heart and Stroke Patients

It's now recognized that immediate, appropriate care for heart attacks or strokes makes a critical difference between recovery and lifelong impairment. Mississippi EMS and the Mississippi Trauma Care System have worked with physicians and hospitals to establish specialized treatment centers for certain types of heart attacks, and trained ambulance personnel to recognize these types of heart attacks and take critical action. The patient can then be routed to a hospital with the right facilities for further care. Without this system of early detection, action and delivery, patients can lose hours being transferred between hospitals — hours that often make a life-saving difference.

Time is of the essence for stroke patients, too, beginning with the recognition of stroke symptoms. Strokes can cause permanent disabilities when they occur, but taking the right action within minutes can make a dramatic difference in reducing damage to the brain and making recovery possible. Dialing 911 gets emergency medical personnel on the scene who can start the right care immediately, and follow up with transportation to the right hospital in the shortest time.

Dial, Don't Drive

Dialing 911 immediately connects you with this statewide system of coordinated care that Mississippi Emergency Medical Services has worked to create. Over the years, it has reduced time-to-care and increased survival from the field many times over. It's waiting to help you — just call.

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