Hospital Discharge Data System

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The Hospital Discharge Data System is a centralized reporting system that tracks all health services provided to Mississippians, and promotes public use of this data to support overall health in the state. The system provides reliable and timely statewide healthcare utilization data to help improve healthcare delivery and preventive health efforts.

Many of the health problems that affect Mississippians are the result of the state's social, economic and educational conditions. Mississippi has the second lowest per capita and family income in the nation. Disease prevention is one way to significantly reduce the current costs of managing disease or disability. Statewide healthcare utilization data can be used to target intervention strategies and prioritize funding for prevention activities, as well as bring to light the population's healthcare access needs.

Implementation of the Health Data System system is directed legislatively and governed by the Rules and Regulations Governing Reportable Diseases and Conditions.

  • Mississippi Code Annotated § 41-63-4 requires licensed health care facilities operating in the state of Mississippi to report information on patient health care to the MSDH.
  • Mississippi Code Annotated § 41-7-185 requires providers of institutional health services and home health services to make available statistical information or such other requested information by the MSDH.

MSDH has created a comprehensive health data system with improved data quality and efficiency of data collection while improving the ease of submission. By adding value to the data with aggregate reports and research products, the system stimulates improvements in health and the community.



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