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Make a Health Facility Complaint
Complaints concerning nursing homes, personal care homes, or other health and care facility that we license.


You may file a complaint on-line or by phone against a facility or program licensed by MSDH if you believe you received poor quality care.

What Agency is Right for Your Complaint?

Certain complaints are handled better by other agencies. If your problem concerns a mistreatment of an adult outside of a care facility, financial fraud, Medicaid or Medicare, a physician, nurse or medical clinic, please see our list of other agencies to contact.

File a Complaint with MSDH

If you would prefer to make a complaint by phone, call 800-227-7308 weekdays between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.

Please include as much information as possible on the form below. The response and timing of any investigation by Mississippi State Department of Health (MSDH) will be based upon the information you provide.

If you wish to remain completely anonymous do not complete the section "Who Is Filing This Complaint?". You may choose to remain completely anonymous. If you do, however, MSDH will not be able to contact you to obtain additional information or notify you of the results of the investigation.

Online Complaint Form

Who is filing this complaint? (Optional)

What facility is this complaint about?

Tip: Find the address of a facility and other information in our Health Facilities Directory.
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What patient or resident does this involve?

What is your complaint?

Did you report it?

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Board of Nursing
Attorney General's office
Department of Medicaid

What needs to be done?

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