Mississippi State Department of Health

Complaints about Child Care Providers in Your Area
Call toll-free 1-866-489-8734


The Mississippi State Department of Health thoroughly and promptly investigates complaints about the quality of care provided by licensed child care providers.

Ways to File a Child Care Complaint

Find Past Complaints

Find complaints made against a child care provider by making a Public Records request.

Find Inspection Reports and Violations

Our online database of childcare facilities has records of recent inspection results, violations and monetary penalties assessed as a result of significant violations.

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   http://msdh.ms.gov/msdhsite/index.cfm/30,23170,183,787,html ok
CC.ComplaintUnit@msdh.ms.gov    mailto:CC.ComplaintUnit@msdh.ms.gov
Public Records Request Guidelines    http://msdh.ms.gov/msdhsite/index.cfm/31,22709,427,html ok
Search the online database    https://www.msdh.provider.webapps.ms.gov/ccsearch.aspx

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