Mississippi State Department of Health

Milk and Bottled Water Inspection and Regulation


The Milk and Bottled Water (MBW) program regulates milk production, the milk industry, and the distribution of milk and milk products in Mississippi.


In addition, the MBW program inspects milk facilities for sanitation compliance, and regulates frozen dessert plants. Inspection and sampling of milk from dairy farms, bulk milk haulers, transfer stations, receiving stations and pasteurization plants is necessary to ensure that milk producers comply with state and federal laws and regulations for the production, storage and transportation of milk products.

Program Activities

Milk Suppliers

The work of the Milk and Bottled Water program ensures that the state's milk industry maintains a high-quality and safe product, and guards against the spread of disease through milk and milk products.

Bottled Water

This program also regulates and tests bottled water produced and packaged within Mississippi, as well as bottled water sold here from out of state companies.

Bottled water must meet quality standards similar to that of public drinking water. In addition, it undergoes microbiological testing by the MSDH Public Health Laboratory to ensure its safety.


Contact the Milk & Bottled Water Division at 601-364-5781.

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