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Family Disaster Plan


Whether a disaster is natural or man-made, preparation is essential. Begin by meeting with your family and discuss why you need to be prepared for a disaster, and work together to prepare a family disaster plan.

Four Steps to Safety

1: Anticipate What Could Happen to You

2: Create a Disaster Plan

For a detailed family readiness plan, download and complete our Disaster Plan Template for your own family.

3: Complete This Checklist

4: Practice and Maintain Your Plan

Neighbors Helping Neighbors

Working with neighbors can save lives and property. Meet with your neighbors to plan how the neighborhood could work together after a disaster until help arrives.

If you're a member of a neighborhood organization, such as a home association or crime watch group, introduce disaster preparedness as a new activity.

Know your neighbors' special skills (e.g., medical, technical) and consider how you could help neighbors who have special needs, such as disabled and elderly persons. Make plans for childcare in case parents can't get home.

Home Hazard Hunt

During a disaster, ordinary objects in your home can cause injury or damage. Anything that can move, fall, break, or cause a fire is a home hazard. For example, a hot water heater or a bookshelf can fall. Inspect your home at least once a year and fix potential hazards.


If you're sure you have time

Emergency Supplies

Keep enough supplies in your home to meet your needs for at least three days. Assemble your disaster supply kit with items you may need in an evacuation.

Store these supplies in sturdy, easy-to-carry containers such as backpacks, duffel bags, or covered trash containers.


A detailed list of items to put in your disaster supply kit can be found on the Disaster Kit web page.

If Disaster Strikes

Remain calm and patient. Put your plan into action.

Check for injuries: Give first aid and get help for seriously injured people.

Stay informed: Listen to your battery-powered radio for news and instructions

Evacuate if advised to do so. Wear protective clothing and sturdy shoes.

Check for damage in your home:

Remember to:

The Disaster Supplies & Preparedness Calendar will assist you in assembling your emergency kit over a six-month period. Print the calendar and purchase the suggested items in small increments within your normal weekly shopping.

Need help writing your plan?  Here is a Family Disaster Plan Template for you to use.

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