Mississippi State Department of Health

Family Planning and Reproductive Health


We offer family planning and reproductive health services statewide at our county health departments.

We provide a wide range of professional reproductive health services to both men and women. We partner with the Mississippi Division of Medicaid to offer Family Planning Waivers for eligible individuals.

For assistance locating Family Planning services in your area, please call 855-767-0170.

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Division of Medicaid Family Planning Waiver (FPW)

For men and women who lack insurance coverage, the Medicaid Family Planning Waivers provides sexual and reproductive health services, annual medical visits, contraceptives as well as sterilization services free of charge. Read more below to see whether you qualify.

Services We Provide at MSDH County Clinics

How to Get Services

To find out whether you qualify, and what services we can offer you, call 855-767-0170 or contact a county health department near you for more information.

Make an appointment at any of our county health departments by calling 855-767-0170.

Other Resources for Family Planning Services

Title X Family Planning Services

Title X (“Title Ten”) is a federal grant program that allows Mississippians to get free or low-cost care for birth control, STD testing and treatment, HIV testing, cancer screenings, and many other important family planning and preventive healthcare services.

In Mississippi, Title X clinics are required to offer confidential care to any patient, including minors. This means that minors can receive services without their parents being notified.

The cost of services provided at Title X clinics depends on your income, with many patients qualifying for discounted or free care.

Title X services in Mississippi are provided by Converge

Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs)

Federally Qualified Health Centers provide primary health care services, including reproductive health and contraceptive access, to all community residents, regardless of financial or insurance status. The cost of services provided at FQHCs depends on your income and insurance status, with many patients qualifying for discounted or free care.


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For more information about Maternal and Child Health Programs and the MCH Block Grant, call 1-800-721-7222.

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