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Pilot Freestanding Emergency Rooms


A freestanding emergency room is a facility for the treatment of urgent and emergency medical conditions, open 24 hours a day, that is not located on hospital grounds.

To be eligible for licensure as a pilot freestanding emergency room under Miss. Code Ann. § 41-75-1 (k), the facility must be located at least 15 miles from the nearest hospital-based emergency room in a county without emergency hospital care, and be open 24 hours a day.

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To receive an application for a Pilot Freestanding Emergency Room License, contact the MSDH License Administrator at (601) 364-2722 or send e-mail to Christal.Carter@msdh.ms.gov

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Christal.Carter@msdh.ms.gov    mailto:Christal.Carter@msdh.ms.gov

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Questions and answers about Pilot Freestanding Emergency Rooms    https://msdh.ms.gov/msdhsite/index.cfm/30,19213,83,pdf/Pilot_freestanding_ER_Q-A.pdf ok

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