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Treatment for COVID-19 Infection


If you test positive for COVID-19 and may be at higher risk for severe illness, ask your doctor about treatment to prevent serious illness and hospitalization.

Healthcare Provider Resources

Vaccination and boosters are the best tool we have to protect people and communities from COVID-19. Since COVID-19 vaccination began, most Mississippi COVID-19 deaths are among people not fully vaccinated. Learn more

What treatments are available for COVID-19?

Oral Antivirals

Ages 12 and up are eligible for treatment with Paxlovid.

Oral antiviral therapies Paxlovid (Pfizer) and molnupiravir (Merck) are products authorized by the FDA for treatment of COVID-19. These therapies require a prescription from a licensed healthcare provider. Talk to your healthcare provider or pharmacist to see whether an oral antiviral is the right option for you.

How they work: Oral antiviral medications work by targeting specific proteins on the SARS-CoV-2 virus to help prevent the virus replicating within the body. It is important that the oral antiviral is started within 5 days of the start of symptoms.

Monoclonal Antibodies

Monoclonal antibodies, or mAbs, are made in a laboratory to fight a particular infection, based on natural antibodies against COVID-19.

How they work: Your body naturally makes antibodies to fight infection. However, your body may not have antibodies designed to recognize a new virus like the one that causes COVID-19.

There are no monoclonal antibodies currently authorized in the U.S. for treatment if you have COVID-19. There is one mAb product designed for prevention of COVID-19, however, if you are currently healthy.


Evusheld is a monoclonal antibody use for prevention in individuals with weakened immune systems, such as cancer treatment patients.

Evusheld is currently not authorized in the U.S for prevention of COVID-19

Who can receive treatment?

People who test positive for COVID-19 with mild to moderate symptoms who are at higher risk for developing more serious COVID-19 symptoms may be eligible for oral antiviral treatment, depending on their health history and exposure to COVID-19, and how long they've had symptoms of COVID-19.

Cost: The oral antivirals Paxlovid and molnupiravir are provided free from the federal government. Coverage of fees for administration or dispensing depends on your specific health insurance policy.

Where can I receive treatment?

These therapies require a prescription by a licensed and authorized provider. Patients should coordinate with their healthcare provider prior to contacting a location to receive these therapies.

Oral Antivirals

Locate Medications

Use this interactive map to locate a facility that can provide medication for COVID-19.

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