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Adopt-a-School: Provider Partnerships for COVID-19 Vaccinations in Schools


MSDH is working to link schools and school systems to COVID-19 vaccine providers to make on-site vaccinations for adolescents 12+ available. This is to remove any barrier for eligible students to receive their COVID-19 vaccination.


Please assist your community by adopting a local school.

As a local provider, school systems and families look to you to support the community. Please reach out to the schools in your area to see if they have a COVID-19 vaccination provider partner.

The COVID-19 Community Vaccination Program (CCVP) can assist your facility with overhead cost that would allow you to provide on-site vaccinations.

Adopting a School

  1. Apply for CCVP and the Adopt-a-School program with this online application form.
  2. Coordinate with the school to designate dates and times for vaccination clinics. Coordinating with schools will be essential to this effort.
  3. Work with schools to send out Consent and EUAs and have them returned by a designated date. This will assist in planning school-based clinics, and help you estimate how many staff are needed and how long the clinic should last. (This would not prohibit you from vaccinating any walk-ups the day of the clinic if the proper consent is obtained.)
  4. If you have any questions about the Adopt-a-School process, e-mail covid19vaccine@msdh.ms.gov.
  5. Once a provider/school partnership is established, please let us know what schools you are adopting by submitting them to MSDH with this online form.

More Information


MSDH has notified all COVID-19 vaccination providers about the Adopt-a-School effort and is asking them to reach out to schools/school systems in their community. These providers are eligible for additional funding to cover overhead cost of these on-site clinics through the COVID-19 Community Vaccination Program, and have been notified how to enroll.

Getting Started

We also want to hear from you. Please complete the online form below indicating your interest and need to be adopted.

You do not have to wait for a provider to reach out to you to start a partnership. To move forward:

Once a provider/school partnership has been established:

  1. Work with the provider and establish dates for vaccination clinics.
  2. Send the provider consent and emergency use agreements to families with a return due date (before school based clinic day) for planning purposes.
  3. Plan school-based vaccination clinics with your provider based on returned consents and your time and space needs. (This would not prohibit people from returning consent the day of the clinic if the proper consent is obtained.)

More Information

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