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Licensing Officials Make Final Determination on Infant Care at Crossgates Methodist Children's Center
November 20, 2019


JACKSON, Miss. – The Mississippi State Department of Health (MSDH) has suspended infant care at Crossgates Methodist Children’s Center in Brandon indefinitely following the death of an infant there in August.

After reviewing the autopsy report, police investigation, and the timing of activity shown on the facility’s surveillance video, the MSDH determined that the facility violated rule 1.25.9 (1a) of the state Child Care Facility Regulations in failing to prevent the death of a child in its care.

Crossgates Methodist Children’s Center was assessed the maximum fine of $500 and has submitted a plan of correction that includes staff training in best practices to reduce the risk of sleep-related death. The facility will continue operation under a restricted license that does not permit the care of children under 1 year of age.

This was the first major regulatory violation for Crossgates Methodist Children’s Center since it began operation in 1993. The facility was also cited in September of this year for leaving a child unattended.

MSDH requires all licensed child care programs to follow safe sleep practices for infants. Failure to follow safe sleep practices is a violation of the state Child Care Facility Regulations. Training and information on safe sleep requirements is provided to all child care programs before they are licensed. Safe sleep practices include placing infants to sleep on their backs; using a firm mattress; keeping the sleeping area free of soft objects; and regularly checking infants during sleep.

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