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Antibiotics aren't always the answer. Unnecessary prescriptions for antibiotics create new, drug-resistant strains of common diseases. Prescribing antibiotics carefully and using them wisely is the key to preventing the spread of antibiotic-resistant illnesses.

Antibiotic resistance can cause significant danger and suffering for people who have common infections that once were easily treatable with antibiotics. When antibiotics fail to work, the consequences are longer-lasting illnesses, more doctor visits or extended hospital stays, and the need for more expensive medications. Children are of particular concern because they have the highest rates of antibiotic use.

When are antibiotics needed?

Colds, flu, sore throats and coughs are usually caused by viruses, not bacteria. Antibiotics should only be used when prescribed by a doctor to treat bacterial infections. Antibiotics won't help you recover from a viral infection.

What can you do to avoid antibiotic-resistant infections?

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