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How Boil-Water Notices Are Issued

Individual water systems issue precautionary boil-water alerts when water pressure is lost. Water systems are responsible for notifying their customers directly using whatever means necessary when such a self-imposed boil-water alert is issued.

When water testing by the MSDH Public Health Laboratory indicates problems related to water quality, MSDH immediately sends a state-issued boil-water alert to the public via press release and this website. The local water system is again responsible for notifying customers directly.

In addition to posting state-issued alerts on this site, MSDH will post self-imposed alerts if properly notified by water system officials. MSDH will issue press releases to radio, television, and newspaper in the affected area to supplement the public notification efforts of the water system.

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Restaurants and Food Facilities

Water System Operators


Bureau of Public Water Supply: 601-576-7518

Current boil-water notices appear below.

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