Mississippi Delta Cardiovascular Health Examination Survey (Delta CHES)

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Adults in the 18-county Mississippi Delta region are disproportionately affected by heart disease and other chronic illnesses compared to persons living in other parts of the state and nation.

About Delta CHES

The Delta CHES study was designed to learn more about risk factors for heart disease, diabetes and other chronic illnesses among adults who live in the Mississippi Delta. Information from Delta CHES helps identify specific patterns of risk behavior associated with these conditions, and contributes to planning better heart health promotion programs and chronic illness control strategies.

Approximately 800 adults from the Mississippi Delta were asked questions about their health, lifestyle, behaviors and current medication use. The following were measured:

  • Height
  • Weight
  • Hip and waist size
  • Blood pressure

Blood samples were taken and participants were asked to complete a form about their diet and to wear a pedometer.

Delta CHES Documents

Delta CHES Report

Funding Source

Delta CHES is a project of the Mississippi State Department of Health with funding from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Last reviewed on Mar 27, 2018

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