COVID-19 Data Reports: County, School and Facility Totals, Vaccinations and More


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County Reports

Deaths from COVID-19 and Other Causes

A comparison of COVID-19 deaths in Mississippi with deaths from other major causes, including contributing and underlying causes.

Epidemiological Briefs

Reports on selected COVID-19 topics of public health significance.

K-12 School Report

Don't see a school in this report? We list only schools that have reported data to us in the past week.

Mississippi K-12 schools make weekly reports of cases among students, teachers and staff, number of outbreaks, and teachers and students under quarantine as a result of COVID-19 exposure. (An outbreak in a school setting is defined as 3 or more individuals diagnosed with COVID-19 in the same group within a 14-day period.)

Note: These cases have been directly reported to MSDH by each school, and may not yet have appeared in our state and county totals of cases reported by laboratories.

Long-Term Care Facility Cases and Outbreaks

Long-term care (LTC) facilities like nursing homes are considered high risk locations because their residents are older or in poor health. A single confirmed COVID-19 infection in an LTC facility resident or employee constitutes an outbreak. Residential care facilities also represent group living facilities where COVID-19 can be easily spread.

These outbreak figures are reported directly to MSDH by the facility. Many of the cases and deaths reported by facilities may not yet be included in our totals of lab-reported cases.

Ongoing Outbreaks in Nursing Homes

Data such as illness in residents and staff, deaths in residents, as well as a number of other data elements are now publicly available on the website of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS). MSDH is providing the following links to view this data, which is reported directly by nursing homes and is updated weekdays.

Note: Cases and deaths listed on the CMS website may not have appeared yet in our county totals, which are based on reports from testing laboratories.


A weekly summary of major COVID-19 variants detected in Mississippi, including variants of concern.

Note: Not all cases are tested for the presence of a COVID-19 variant strain. This chart represents only a sample of cases reported to MSDH since January 2021.


We regularly update the number and distribution of COVID-19 vaccinations as reported to MSDH by healthcare providers.

Laboratory Testing

Statewide Combined Testing as of November 28

COVID-19 testing providers around the state include commercial laboratories, hospital labs and the MSDH Public Health Laboratory results from all these sources are combined in the table below. (Updated weekly)

PCR testing detects current, active COVID-19 infection in an individual.

Antibody (serology) testing identifies individuals with past COVID-19 infection based on antibodies they develop one to three weeks after infection.

Antigen testing is another way to identify current COVID-19 infection.

PCR tests 2,451,860
Serology (antibody) tests 141,079
Antigen tests 1,656,981
Total tests 4,249,920

Testing Charts

Last reviewed on Oct 2, 2020
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